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Privacy Policy

R.W. Greene & Associates has been serving its clients since 1975. To enable us to provide competitive options that fit our clients' needs, R.W. Greene & Associates collects personal information about you. We respect the privacy of our clients.


R.W. Greene & Associates, Inc. Privacy Policy:

We want to emphasize that our Privacy Policy provides the following assurances:

  • Health and financial information about you is confidential. We will not disclose this information to anyone unless you have specifically authorized it, it is necessary in order to administer your policy or contract, or it is required by law.
  • We do not sell information about you to others.
  • We protect the security and confidentiality of information about you.
  • We only provide your name, address and telephone number to companies outside of R.W. Greene & Associates, Inc. when it is necessary for claims, underwriting or to service your policy.


How we obtain information:

We obtain most of the information we need directly from you or forms you complete, or from those you have authorized to provide information to us in connection with providing you insurance or other products or services, or administering claims. We also obtain information in the course of processing and recording your transactions with us and processing your claims for benefits.

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