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R.W. Greene & Associates, Inc. is a family owned and operated financial services company, founded in 1975 by Richard W. Greene, CLU, ChFC, in Wichita, Kansas. We have been doing business in Tucson, Arizona since 1980. Our company provides comprehensive financial, retirement and estate planning services for individuals and businesses across the United States. Our personalized services are tailored to fit each client’s situation. We engage with our clients to develop a financial plan to achieve their goals and objectives. We believe that financial planning is a process and not a quick sale. Our clients benefit from our values, commitment, loyalty and stability.

VALUES – Since our founding, we are driven by our desire to engage with clients to identify and prioritize their goals and financial objectives. Our greatest reward is realized when our clients are successful in achieving their goals.

We provide a professional and warm environment where we strive to develop personal relationships with our clients integrity, accountability, diligence, faithfulness, trustful, and discipline are some of the values we uphold.

COMMITMENT – Our company’s success requires that we put in the extra effort and work; we extend that same commitment to our clients. As independent representatives, we make recommendations free from restrictions and contractual obligations. When making recommendations, we always consider “if we were in the same position as our client, what would we advise ourselves?” Our commitment is to you.

LOYALTY – We remain loyal to our clients during good times and challenging times.

As a family working together, we are clearly aware of the different stages in life and understand the varied concerns and needs that revolve around different times in one’s personal life or business life. We are here for every stage.

STABILITY – Because our management is family and stable, our clients are assured of personalized services by committed family members who are knowledgeable about their situation. Our clients do not face changes in their management team who have no past knowledge of you. We believe that stability is a key factor in working with our clients to achieve their goals and financial objectives.

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