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R.W. Greene & Associates, Inc. is a family-owned business founded in 1975.  "Our Mission" is to provide our clients with a blueprint for achieving their goals and financial objectives.  Our clients share in and appreciate our Common Values, Commitment, Loyalty and Stability.

Common Values - From the beginning it has been our desire to help our clients identify and prioritize their goals and financial objectives.  Maybe it's buying a home or business, expanding a business, saving for college expenses, providing financial reassurance for the family and/or preparing for their retirement.  Our greatest reward is realized when our clients are successful.

Commitment - Because our practice is family-owned, we understand the necessity to put in extra work and effort to make it a success.  We extend that same commitment to our clients.  As an independent office, we are able to make recommendations that are free from restrictions or contractual obligations.  When making a recommendation we always ask "if we were in the same shoes as our client, what would we advise for ourselves?"

Loyalty - Our number one priority is to see our clients achieve all of their goals and financial objectives.  We remain loyal to our clients during good times and bad and know that we all have transitions to bridge and that sometimes we need some help to get across the bridge.  We've all been there.

Stability - Because our management is stable, our clients do not need to regularly "get to know" the newest manager who has been entrusted with their business but has no past knowledge of it.  We believe that stability is a "Key Factor" in helping our clients reach their goals and financial objectives.